Adventist Health Portland | Living Well | Spring 2024 11 Refresh your summer safety know-how with these i ps. Safety Contact us today To make an appointment with one of our providers, visit us at, scan the QR code or call 971-231-0413. SCAN ME Watch for concussions. If someone takes a fall or hits their head, then seems dazed, forgetful or clumsy or they complain of headache, nausea or just not feeling right, they may have a concussion. Take them to a health care provider right away. Take shelter from storms. Thunder means lightning can strike. Stay inside a sturdy building or hop into a car for at least 30 minutes after the thunder stops. Avoid water, elevated areas, trees and anything that conducts electricity. Swim smart. Swim safely by choosing lifeguardprotected areas. Before any swimming trip, talk to kids about water safety. And if you have kiddie pools, make sure you drain them and flip them over after each use. Check your first aid kit. Whether you buy one or put it together yourself, check your first aid kit for missing or expired items. Keep one in the car and one at home so you’ll always be prepared. STAY SAFE This Summer Sources: American Academy of Pediatrics; American Red Cross; National Weather Service; U.S. Food and Drug Administration Grill with caution. Set up your grill outdoors, far away from anything that could catch fire (like your house). Don’t walk away from your hot grill, and never let kids or pets near it. Handle fireworks with care. Store fireworks away from kids. Always wear eye protection, and never relight a dud.