Adventist Health Portland | Living Well | Spring 2024 15 Giving 2023 employee gifts to the Adventist Health Portland Foundation “I will evict you.” Sasha’s* heart sank. Less than a month earlier, she had a good roommate and was getting ready for the holidays. Everything was normal. Suddenly, nothing was. Sasha walked into her home to find her roommate moving out. The roommate had decided to move in with their significant other with no notice — and months left on their shared lease. With no roommate to share the cost, Sasha realized she might not be able to afford rent. When she went to talk to her new property manager, out came those four horrible words. “I was helpless and embarrassed,” Sasha recounts. “I had no idea what to do. I am supposed to be this young, successful woman, to have it all together. But I can’t always.” The weight on Sasha’s shoulders was heavy. She had no next steps. She felt hopeless. One day her supervisor at Adventist Health Portland asked if everything was OK. “I broke down crying at my desk,” Sasha admits. Sasha’s supervisor immediately gave her information about how to apply for the Employee Assistance Program, a fund entirely by employees for employees in need. Sasha’s need was approved right away. “[The head of the EAP committee] asked me how he could get the check to me the quickest,” Sasha remembers. Each leader who knew about her situation checked in with her, and her team was a huge support during this time. Best of all, Sasha kept a roof over her head. With her situation stabilized, Sasha has been donating to the EAP fund for the next person who needs it. “If you can change a person’s life, it is everything,” she says. *Name changed for privacy. A Roof Over Her Head TOTAL GIFTS: 5,583 TOTAL VALUE: $195,340