Adventist Health Portland | Living Well | Fall 2023

14 LIVING WELL Nutrition Managing Weight During the Holidays Use a smaller plate. It’s an easy way to limit portions and encourage you to savor every bite. Eat breakfast. A protein-rich start to your day will help you make wise choices later. Start with a snack. Before a buffet or party, eat a small meal or snack. Jump into festivities before you find the table. Don’t skip meals. Getting too hungry results in overeating. Take a pause. Your brain needs 20 minutes to catch on that you’re full, so give yourself time before you think about seconds. SAVE THE DATE Hope Through the Holidays Monday, Nov. 20, at 6 p.m. Join us to honor loved ones you’ve lost with a special gathering. Presented by Adventist Health Portland Spiritual Care 503-251-6105 |